Paid Search Marketing

Grow your digital presence and increase website conversions with our targeted Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising helps you develop a personal market for your car dealership. This is especially important as competitors use digital marketing in attempts to expand their presence into your area, we can help to keep your market safe. Failure to utilize effective digital advertising will affect your website performance as well as your direct mail marketing efforts. PPC advertising can help you maintain your market and improve your digital and print advertising across the board.

What Makes Us Better

At Dealer Digital Group, our Adwords Certified Account Managers understand that attention to detail and constant optimization are the primary keys to a successful Paid Search Marketing Campaign.

Each campaign has a marketing strategy tailored to match the criteria of your potential customers. We specialize in pinpoint marketing, which may include, Geo-targeting, demographic targeting, age, gender, or income based, just to name a few. We then use your targeting criteria to create a compelling call to action and landing page that will generate leads and sales for your company.

Even after your campaigns have been built, your account manager will continue analyzing your ads and split A/B testing them to make sure they are performing optimally. Our goal is to set your digital advertising up for success and generate quality leads that will increase sales.

Paid Search Advertising Platforms

There are multiple advertising platforms available to show your ads through, with Google being the largest. Our team has also had remarkable results with both Yahoo and Bing Advertising.

Google Paid Advertising

Google Adwords serves to over 1 Billion potential customers a day and that number is increasing daily.

Strong and efficient search campaigns are becoming a standard in online business development with Digital Marketing and Search Engine Presence becoming essential to business growth. To maximize effectiveness every online marketing plan should include some form of advertising with Google. Choosing not to compete on the world’s largest search platform is essentially involuntarily giving your business to your competitors.

Bing & Yahoo Paid Advertising

While Google may make up the majority of search traffic, the other 20-30% of search engine traffic is Yahoo and Bing and are equally important in creating a well-rounded search campaign.

Seeing as they work on different platforms and have completely different user criteria, campaigns between search engines cannot be easily exported over. At Dealer Digital Group, we create custom campaigns designed to perform well on their respective platforms which will reach your consumer on all levels. We also provide custom tracking and analytics so you can see how each platform responds to your advertising.

Dealer Digital Group put together a strategy that increased our website leads by 55% and increased cars sold by 30% in the first three months.

Russ Ward

VP, Nissan Dealer

They are very knowledgeable. I love the approach they bring to problems. I have always felt that the people at Dealer Digital Group are a part of our award winning team.

Kim Goebel

GM, Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealer

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